Benefits of Filing for Minnesota Unemployment

Unemployment benefits in the Minnesota include about 50% of the worker's gross weekly wages during the base period. This is intended to help pay the bills during job search. The state allows 26 weeks of unemployment benefits, to be received either by direct deposit or in a debit card. Those who have exhausted their basic benefits can apply for EUC, Emergency Unemployment Compensation, otherwise known as extended unemployment benefits.

Extended benefits are provided in 3 tiers, with tier 1 lasting for up to 20 weeks, tier 2 up to 14 weeks, and tier 3 up to 13 weeks. After this, apply for Federal-State Unemployment for an additional 13 weeks.

In Minnesota, the benefits you can expect from unemployment extend beyond the payments. They also can include Dislocated Worker Services for those whose jobs disappeared due to mass layoffs. These include career planning and counseling, job search assistance, counselor approved training, and other support services. PositivelyMinnesota.com provides information on this valuable assistance.

For those who believe they lost a job or substantial hours due to trade agreements, the Trade Adjustment Assistance program may provide special services. These include reemployment services, on the job training, relocation and job search allowances, and additional assistance if unemployment benefits become exhausted while the worker is still in training.

Veterans who have become unemployed may qualify for benefits from the branch under which they served. An excellent resource for veterans seeking employment is CareerOneStop.org

A video from the Minnesota Unemployment Office shows how to collect benefits. Or simply follow these steps to apply online:

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