Collecting Unemployment Benefits in Michigan

According to recent data from the Michigan Department of Technology, unemployment in the state of Michigan is higher than the U.S. rate of 9.2 percent. If you live in Michigan and find yourself unemployed, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. The criteria will include that you've been employed by at least one, but not more than 19, Michigan employers during the last 18 months and that you haven't filed an unemployment claim in another state in the past 12 months. They will also need to confirm that you did work using more than one social security number during the past 18 months.

There are two ways in which you can file a claim, the first of which is calling the Michigan unemployment benefit number at 866-500-0017, the second of which is using the unemployment insurance benefit website at: www.michigan.gov/bwuc.

Once your new benefit unemployment claim is filed, you will receive a determination that lets you know if you qualify. You'll also be informed how much your weekly check will be and the time period for which you will be eligible to collect your benefits. An information packet that details your unemployment benefit rights and responsibilities will also be sent to you.

Your prior earnings will determine how much your benefit payments will be. You will be expected to actively seek full-time employment, as well as register your resume with the Michigan Talent Bank during the period you collect your benefits. You'll also be expected to report to your area Michigan Works! Agency office. Workers who have applied for unemployment benefits, use the automated MARVIN system once every two weeks to certify about their eligibility for benefits. Those collecting unemployment benefits, can track the status of their unemployment benefit payments by setting up an account at www.michigan.gov/uia. There are seven Problem Resolution Offices (PRO) statewide that help resolve issues related to their claims. The addresses of these offices can be found at the www.michigan.gov/uia website.

Workers must call MARVIN according to a schedule based on the last two digits of their Social Security number. You can have your unemployment payments deposited electronically into a bank or credit union account or via the Michigan UI Debit Card. The system is simple to use and designed to relieve, not create more stress for Michigan's unemployed.

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