Applying for Michigan Unemployment Compensation

If you are a Michigan resident and have lost your job, you know that it can be tough to find a new job in time to pay your bills and expenses. That why the State of Michigan has set up a system for unemployment compensation. In order to collect unemployment claims, the State of Michigan requires certain information from you to get your claim for unemployment rolling.

First, you need identification. You will need your social security number, a valid identification card (like a driver’s license), and an alien registration card (for non-U.S. citizens). If you have filed an unemployment claim in Michigan before, you will need your previously assigned Michigan identification number. Next, you will need your work history, your last employer and your last employers’ name, telephone number, address, and dates of employment for employers from the last 18 months. Finally, if you choose to get direct deposit, you will need your bank account number and routing number for deposit. The process can take up to forty-five minutes and every question must be answered to claim unemployment in Michigan. Based on your answers, you may be asked to answer additional questions.

Once you have filed for your Michigan unemployment compensation via telephone or Internet, your amount of compensation unemployment will be determined based on your previous income. To be eligible to claim unemployment in Michigan, you must be able to look for work, accept work and begin working. If you have any questions about eligibility, you should contact unemployment in Michigan either online or by telephone to have your questions answered.

The State of Michigan offers unemployment insurance to you so that you have money while looking for new work. Many people with families depend on this money to get them through. Remember, you are not alone and you will get through this.

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