Massachusetts Weekly Unemployment Claim Application

If you've recently been approved for unemployment insurance (UI) in Massachusetts, you'll need to file a weekly claim for unemployment to insure that you continue to receive your benefits. Fortunately, while Massachusetts will not let you file your initial benefits claim online, the state does allow you to claim weekly unemployment benefits online. Additionally, you may place your weekly unemployment claim by phone.

What To Expect When Filing Your Application

Whether you are filing your weekly unemployment claim online or by phone, the unemployment office will want to know the answer to three questions:

During the week claimed, did you look for work?

During the claimed week, were you available and able to work?

Finally, did you work during the week?

If you did work during the week, you'll need to enter the amount of your earnings for that week. You will also want to inform the office of any change of address, as your check will not be forwarded unless you have provided the office with your current address. Make certain that you keep records of your job search activities so that you can demonstrate, if necessary, that you are actively seeking work. Finally, make certain that you stop claiming unemployment weekly on the day that you return to work.

How to File Your Massachusetts Unemployment Weekly Claim Online

To file weekly unemployment online, you'll first need to register for online UI services. To do this, you'll need your social security number, your year of birth and your mother's maiden name. Enter this information on the registration page. Once you've provided the system with this information, you'll be prompted to enter your first and last name, your email address and a password. After you've successfully set up an account, you can file for weekly unemployment on the WebCert page. You may only file your weekly claim for unemployment on WebCet Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm or Sunday from 7am to 10pm.

Alternately, you can claim weekly unemployment by phone using the TeleCert system. To use TeleCert, call 617-626-6338. The hours for filing for unemployment weekly through TeleCert are the same as those for WebCert.

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