Important Information for the Unemployed in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) issues unemployment insurance (UI) benefits to residents of Massachusetts who are out of work and need assistance during their job search. Benefit recipients qualify for about 50 percent of their weekly salary. At this time, the most a claimant can receive is $625 a week.

Contacting unemployment is simple. A full list of, department of unemployment numbers are available at the website on the 'Contact Us' page. It's important, of course, to determine who the best department of unemployment contact is for the support you seek before contacting unemployment. While some Massachusetts unemployment office numbers will connect you to a live person, other agency for unemployment phone numbers will only provide you with automated information. Massachusetts unemployment office assistance is available in both English and Spanish at the number for unemployment. Information covering the full gamut of inquiries is offered at the website, though it may be necessary to call the unemployment number directly in certain cases.

Eligibility guidelines for unemployment insurance in Massachusetts are consistent with those of other states. Most residents of Massachusetts, who have lost their jobs due to reasons beyond their control and have earned a minimum of $3,500 during time parameter’s set by the state. Dialing the unemployment number to inquire into your own eligibility is not necessary when you can simply use the phone number for unemployment to file a claim and wait for your determination to be made by the unemployment department.

Filing a claim with the office of unemployment couldn't be simpler. You can use a phone and call the Massachusetts phone number for unemployment. Information required to open your claim includes your Social Security Number, year you were born, home address and telephone number. You will also need to provide your last day of employment, names and contact information for the employers for whom you have worked in the last 15 months -- as well as the dates. The agency for unemployment will ask you to explain why you no longer are employed. Basic information about your dependents will also need to be given to the office of unemployment. If you're not an American citizen, it is not necessary to call the number or unemployment. Just provide your identification number to the unemployment department.

If you have eligibility related questions, the number for unemployment in Massachusetts is 617-626-6800. If you're seeking job assistance and want specific information on the support they offer, the number to dial for unemployment is 617-626-5300.

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