Extended Massachusetts Unemployment

Extended unemployment benefits may be available to workers in Massachusetts who have been actively searching for work for more than twenty-six weeks and have not been able to find a suitable job, or have been unable to secure a job which equals or exceeds the salary of the individual's previous position. Normally, the extended weekly unemployment eligibility is for a maximum of thirteen weeks, though this may be extended longer under extraordinary circumstances. Some requirements for extended benefits may include being part of a job training and rehabilitation program and additional proof of unemployment.

Those eligible for extended unemployment during a rough economic time can expect to be asked for continued updates on their job search progress, as well as updated information, including current contact information. Extended unemployment for Massachusetts residents is ideal for those living from paycheck to paycheck who find themselves out of work due to circumstances beyond their control, such as layoffs, restructuring and wrongful termination. Some options for receiving extended unemployment benefits include debit cards, checks, or direct deposit. Direct deposit is the most convenient option for most people.

To find out if you are eligible for extended unemployment, you need to make a call or a visit to your local unemployment office, or contact them through the Massachusetts state web site at Extended weekly unemployment eligibility is contingent upon the circumstances that led you to become unemployed, as well as your willingness to continually search for work for the duration of the time you receive these benefits in the state of Massachusetts.

Those who are uncertain of their eligibility for unemployment are encouraged to consult their local unemployment office or former employer for the information needed to ascertain eligibility. The standard length of time receiving unemployment benefits is thirty weeks before extended benefits begin, for those who are eligible. Economic downturns and other factors that inhibit job growth are some of the reasons why someone may have trouble finding immediate placement at a new job following a layoff. This is the primary reason why extended benefits for the long term unemployed exist, as a service to the citizens of Massachusetts. Those wanting to learn more are encouraged to locate their nearest unemployment office. As per usual, one needs to be enrolled in the system and signed up with the state job search board to ensure eligibility for unemployment benefits, and to continue receiving said benefits.

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