Apply and Receive Massachusetts Unemployment

The unemployment rate in Massachusetts is just above 9 percent; therefore, many people in the state are without a job. In Massachusetts, you can fill out an unemployment application and receive wages to help you financially until you can get a new job.

Before you fill out an application for unemployment, you need to look at the qualifications to see if you are eligible. You can call the Division of Unemployment Assistance in Massachusetts to see if you can receive unemployment benefits. You want to fill out an application for unemployment as soon as you lose your job, as they take a few weeks to process. Your benefits will begin the week that filled out an unemployment application.

When you apply for unemployment in Massachusetts, you will need to supply your social security number, final date of employment, names and addresses of your employers within the last 15 months and personal information of all of your dependents. You will also need to explain in detail the reason you lost your job and what job skills that you possess. The alien registration is also required if you are not a citizen of the United States.

You can apply for Massachusetts unemployment online, by mail or in person. Applying online is probably the easiest way to apply for unemployment benefits in Indiana, as you can fill out an application at your convenience. You will only be eligible for benefits if you lost your job at no fault of your own.

After you start receiving unemployment benefits, you will need to file a claim each week. You can easily do this online. When you receive unemployment in Massachusetts, you be able to prove that you are actively looking for employment. If you have turned down a job offer, you must explain in detail why you rejected the offer. When you are receiving unemployment benefits, the government wants to make sure that you still qualify, so they require you to check in weekly.

After you apply for unemployment in Massachusetts, you normally receive the income for about 9 months. If you have done everything that you can and still cannot find a job, you can fill out another application for employment, and you will be granted an extension.

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