Residents who have lost their job in Massachusetts must apply for unemployment through the Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA). The application process involves completing a new claim to receive unemployment insurance. Anyone who has lost a job or has a reduction in work hours may apply for benefits easily at the Massachusetts state unemployment website,

Eligibility is determined based on several factors:

  • Wages earned during the base period
  • The worker is not at fault for the job loss The worker must be able and available for a new job

Applications are accepted at any of the Unemployment Insurance walk-in centers throughout the state. It could take up to three weeks before an application is processed and approved.

Apply and Receive Massachusetts Unemployment

Before you fill out an application for unemployment, you need to look at the qualifications to see if you are eligible. You can call the Division of Unemployment Assistance in Massachusetts to see if you can receive unemployment benefits. You want to fill out an application for unemployment as soon as you lose your job, as they take a few weeks to process. Your benefits will begin the week that filled out an unemployment application.

Demystifying the Process to File and Collect Massachusetts Unemployment Benefits

The Great Recession has left thousands of Massachusetts residents in unfamiliar territory: filing unemployment insurance compensation for the first time. On the surface, filing for unemployment claims can appear to be a complicated process the first time someone has to file for unemployment benefits. This article breaks down the process so residents in Massachusetts know what to do and what to expect.

Extended Massachusetts Unemployment

Extended unemployment benefits may be available to workers in Massachusetts who have been actively searching for work for more than twenty-six weeks and have not been able to find a suitable job, or have been unable to secure a job which equals or exceeds the salary of the individual's previous position. Normally, the extended weekly unemployment eligibility is for a maximum of thirteen weeks, though this may be extended longer under extraordinary circumstances. Some requirements for extended benefits may include being part of a job training and rehabilitation program and additional proof of unemployment.

Massachusetts Weekly Unemployment Claim Application

If you've recently been approved for unemployment insurance (UI) in Massachusetts, you'll need to file a weekly claim for unemployment to insure that you continue to receive your benefits. Fortunately, while Massachusetts will not let you file your initial benefits claim online, the state does allow you to claim weekly unemployment benefits online. Additionally, you may place your weekly unemployment claim by phone.

Online Massachusetts Unemployment Services

If you want to apply for online unemployment services, you will need to have various forms of documentation. For example, you need to provide your social security number, your phone number and your address. You should also provide the addresses and the names of every employer that you have had for the last eighteen months. The dates of your employment at each job should also be included.

File a Massachusetts Unemployment Claim

If you've become unemployed through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to collect unemployment compensation through the Massachusetts Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA). Once you've determined if you are eligible, you can file your unemployment claim in person or by

Important Information for the Unemployed in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) issues unemployment insurance (UI) benefits to residents of Massachusetts who are out of work and need assistance during their job search. Benefit recipients qualify for about 50 percent of their weekly salary. At this time, the most a claimant can receive is $625 a week.