Maryland Unemployment Benefits

If you think you're eligible for Maryland unemployment benefits, submit your application to receive Maryland unemployment insurance as quickly as possible. If you're temporarily without work, you need to take advantage of the benefits of unemployment insurance quickly so that you can continue to make your required payments toward your home or rent and to cover your other living expenses. If you are filing for Maryland unemployment insurance, you can submit your application online or you may submit your application over the telephone.

To submit your application, you will need several pieces of information, including your name, Social Security Number, your date of birth, your mailing address and telephone number, information about your dependents, your proof of alien status if you are not a citizen, information about all of your employers within the last 18 months, and additional information if you served in the military within the past 18 months or if you are seeking work through a union.

The simplest way to begin taking advantage of the benefits of unemployment insurance is to submit your claim online. To submit your claim online, go to and begin entering your information. Be aware that you will not be able to file your claim online if you have done any of the following in the last 18 months: worked in a state that is not Maryland, worked for the Federal Government, filed for unemployment benefits in a different state, or received wages from 4 or more employers.

If you are not eligible to file online, you will need to file for your Maryland unemployment benefits by telephone through your local claim center. Here are the toll-free Maryland telephone numbers for the claim centers:

  • Baltimore Metro South Claim Center: 1-877-293-4125
  • College Park Claim Center: 1-877-293-4125
  • Cumberland Claim Center: 1-877-293-4125
  • Salisbury Claim Center: 1-877-293-4125
  • Towson Claim Center: 1-877-293-4125

Once your Maryland unemployment insurance application has been accepted, you will need to file continued claims weekly. Your benefits will not be paid unless you submit these continued claims each week. You can submit these continued claims online using the Webcert system by visiting and clicking on File Your WEBCERT on the right hand side. You can also submit the continued claims by phone at (410) 949-0022 if you are calling from the Baltimore area or out of state or you can call 1-800-827-4839 if you are within Maryland but outside the Baltimore area.

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