File Weekly Claim for Unemployment in Maryland

If you are receiving unemployment insurance (UI) through the state of Maryland, it's important to file your weekly unemployment claim in order to insure that you continue to receive benefits. Fortunately, you can easily file your weekly claim for unemployment online using a program called WebCert. Alternately, you may file your continued unemployment weekly claim by telephone using the Telecert program.

Timeline for Filing Unemployment Weekly

It is important that you file your Maryland weekly unemployment claim in a timely manner. The Maryland weekly claim for unemployment must be filed within 14 days of the end of the week for which you are claiming benefits. However, you may not file your continued unemployment weekly claim until the Saturday of the week you are filing for has passed.

The first week that you file a continued claim, it will only cover the first week of benefits. After this initial filing, you will only need to file a continued claim every two weeks. However, you should make certain that you keep your information about job search activities and any income beyond your UI separate by week, as the application will ask you to report details of your unemployment by individual week.

Claim Weekly Unemployment Using WebCert

To use WebCert, you'll need to create a Personal Identification Number (PIN). You'll be prompted to do so the first time that you use the system. After this first time, you'll be able to use your PIN to access records of your payment history in addition to accessing the system to file for future weekly unemployment. To file your online weekly unemployment application, visit the WebCert page.

Claim Weekly Unemployment Using Telecert

If you prefer to file your unemployment weekly application by telephone, you may use the Telecert system. However, you may encounter a busy signal, particularly if you are calling during peak hours. The Maryland Department of Labor strongly advises individuals to avoid calling the Telecert number on Sundays and offers Monday through Friday before 2:00pm EST as the best time to call and file your claim. If you are calling from Baltimore or out of state, you may reach the Telecert service by calling 1-410-949-0022. If you are calling from Maryland but outside of Baltimore, you may reach the Telecert service by calling 1-800-827-4839. Numbers for the hearing impaired and numbers related to other unemployment services can be found here.

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