Receiving Long Term Unemployment Benefits in Maine

In the current economy, you may find that you are still without a job and are close to running out of your unemployment benefits, no matter how persistent you were in your job searches. The Unemployment Insurance State Program (UI) in Maine offers a maximum of 26 weeks of benefits. You must meet certain requirements in order to be determined eligible for unemployment. The reason you lost your job must not be a fault of yours.

You must be available and looking for work, and you must file a claim every week in order to continue receiving your benefits. Maine offers two programs to help people collect long term unemployment benefits in the event that they exhaust their regular unemployment benefits: the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Federal Program (EUC), and the Extended Benefits Federal Program (EB). Both programs provide people the opportunity to collect extended unemployment benefits.

The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Federal Program is for eligible long term unemployed workers whose regular unemployment benefits have run out. As long as you continue to meet the eligibility requirements for unemployment and file your weekly claims, you automatically will be enrolled in the EUC program, but afterwards you will have to fill out an application that outlines the program and the tiers that are in it.

In the event that you run out of EUC benefits, you may be eligible for extended unemployment benefits, or the Extended Benefits Federal Program (EB). The EB program offers additional weeks of benefits for those who are still unemployed and have used up all other unemployment benefits. Those who are eligible for extended unemployment benefits do not need to apply for them; they will be mailed their first weekly claim form automatically. Unlike the other unemployment programs, the weekly claim form for EB benefits must be filled out on paper each time.

More detailed information about your job searches must be provided on these weekly claims, and one of the requirements to continue receiving benefits is that you must accept any offer for employment. If you turn down any job offer, you will lose your extended benefits.

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