Maine Weekly Unemployment Application

After years of prosperity the American public is enduring an extended downturn in the job market. More people are finding themselves without employment and with few prospects of finding work. Many people are turning to government unemployment benefits as a means of maintaining financial stability.

Citizens in Maine must make weekly unemployment claims in order to continue to receive benefits. The Maine Department of Labor provides an informative website that helps claimants to initially apply for aid and also enables them to make their weekly claim for unemployment. Although filing for Maine unemployment weekly may seem like a nuisance, the process is a streamlined one that can be accomplished entirely online in only a matter of minutes.

Once a claimant has visited the Maine Department of Labor website to fill out an unemployment application and submitted their forms they must return to the website to claim weekly unemployment. On the right hand side of the home page of the Department of Labor’s website users will find a link entitled “File a Weekly Claim.” This link takes them to an introductory page for Maine unemployment weekly claim processing.

On this page the user learns that they can use the online Maine weekly unemployment claim website if they have filed a new claim or re-filed a previous unemployment claim within the previous two weeks. They may also make use of the online interface if they have filed a weekly claim for the previous two weeks.

Each person who applies for and is approved to receive Maine weekly unemployment benefits utilizes their Social Security Number and a unique PIN in order to access the claims page. Once they have entered their personal page they will find a notation that explains what weeks are available to be filed. As they reach the end of the process they will be presented with a summary page that can be printed for their records. The entirety of the forms must be complete within a 30 minute time period. It is also important that the user not exit the forms until they have received a confirmation number. Exiting before receiving a confirmation number means that the Department has not received the weekly claim.

Although this process is relatively straightforward and efficient some users may still occasionally find themselves with questions or concerns. Claims representatives can be reached during regular business hours at 1-800-593-7660 and can address most questions.

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