Maine Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Struggling to maintain financial security with an uncooperative economy can be rather difficult and when unemployment is added into the mix it can be even more stressful. If you are out of work in the state of Maine you may be able to receive temporary compensation for unemployment to help ease the burden.

The maximum compensation for unemployment you may receive in Maine per week is $366 plus another $10 per dependent. Compensation amounts are determined by your previous earnings.

To contact unemployment for determining eligibility you have three options; using the telephone, the Internet, or postal mail. Choose whichever one is the most convenient for you and gather all of the necessary information you will need to file your Maine unemployment claim.

To file a Maine unemployment compensation claim in any manner you will need to provide some important details to the department. Be sure to have information regarding your work history for the past 18 months, your previous employers' contact information, your contact information, and your Social Security number.

You will also need to save the claims unemployment number you are given as confirmation your request was processed.

To file a Maine claim for unemployment over the phone call 1-800-593-7660 toll free during regular business hours to answer the necessary questions or to speak to a customer service representative.

To file a Maine claim for unemployment online, log onto, read the information and follow the prompts.

To file Maine unemployment claims using the postal service you must fill out three different forms which may be obtained from

The forms you will need are the initial application Form (B9.2), the income tax withholding form (W4-V), and the dependents form (B-70). The completion and mailing instructions are included with the claims forms.

If you are unable to access these forms from home you may visit one of the state's career centers which also offer free job training and employment services to workers. Find the closest Maine CareerCenter to you by logging onto:

For questions or for more information regarding benefits, contact the Maine unemployment claims filing number at 1-800-593-7660, or for general inquiries, call the Maine Department of Labor at 207-623-7900.

You should file your Maine claim for unemployment as soon as possible as there is a one week waiting period to serve and it may take two to three weeks for your first benefits to arrive.

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