Filing for unemployment in the state of Maine is relatively simple. In many states, one can file for unemployment online, bypassing any visits to a state employment agency. Applicants can also apply via the telephone, or by going to their local employment office. Should you decide to take the easiest process, visit the Maine state unemployment website at: On the right side of the page, under the "Online Services" category, click the "Apply for Unemployment" link and answer the questions when prompted.

Next you will need to have certain information for the reporting process. Samples of this information include:

  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Social Security Number
  • Military status, including your separation date if applicable
  • A security code picked out (could be mother’s maiden name, birth date, number…etc.)
  • Contact information for previous employer
  • Previous employer’s Federal identification number (easily retrieved from your last year’s W2)
  • The beginning and ending date of your previous employment
  • Your final salary
  • Reason you no longer are employed (It is smart to write down your statement of events before-hand to ensure you have all the details recounted accurately)

During the claim process you may be asked a series of questions related to your previous employment. You will also be asked questions related to your upcoming unemployment payments, such as whether or not you want taxes withheld, how you want your benefits paid, etc.. It is important to be completely honest when answering unemployment questions.

How to File and Collect Unemployment in Maine

If you lose your job, the thought of taking care of yourself and your family can overwhelm you. Your bills are continuing to stack up, your mortgage or rent is due, and you don't know where to turn. The first thing you should do is file for unemployment. The process of filing for unemployment can be carried out three ways: online through the Maine Department of Labor's website, over the phone at the Unemployment Claims Center, or by mail.

Benefits of Filing for Maine Unemployment

With the current economy continuing in a downward spiral and the job security of the nation in question, more and more American workers have to file for unemployment. There are many benefits you can expect from filing for unemployment; among them, an additional financial cushion while you look for another job.

Maine Online Unemployment

Unfortunately, because of the struggling economy, many people are finding themselves without a job. Being unemployed can be very stressful, as you do not having the money to pay your monthly bills. Maine is a gorgeous state in the northeastern portion of the country, and about 9 percent of citizens unemployed. If you are one of the residents of Maine who are without a job, you should immediately file for unemployment.

Maine Unemployment Agency Contact Information

Finding yourself unexpectedly unemployed during the struggling economy of today can be a rather stressful situation for many of us. However, residents of the US may be eligible for unemployment benefits in their respective states. The Maine Department of Unemployment has made it simple for workers to apply and file for weekly benefits using the phone, Internet, or postal mail.

Maine Weekly Unemployment Application

Citizens in Maine must make weekly unemployment claims in order to continue to receive benefits. The Maine Department of Labor provides an informative website that helps claimants to initially apply for aid and also enables them to make their weekly claim for unemployment. Although filing for Maine unemployment weekly may seem like a nuisance, the process is a streamlined one that can be accomplished entirely online in only a matter of minutes.

Receiving Long Term Unemployment Benefits in Maine

In the current economy, you may find that you are still without a job and are close to running out of your unemployment benefits, no matter how persistent you were in your job searches. The Unemployment Insurance State Program (UI) in Maine offers a maximum of 26 weeks of benefits. You must meet certain requirements in order to be determined eligible for unemployment. The reason you lost your job must not be a fault of yours.

Apply and Receive Unemployment Benefits in Maine

If you recently lost your job, you may not know where to turn. You have no money coming in, yet your bills are continuing to pile up. In order to help yourself stay afloat financially, you should apply for unemployment. Before you can receive unemployment benefits in Maine, you must meet certain requirements. For example, you must have lost your job through no fault of your own. You must continue looking for a new job, and you must also file weekly claims in order to start receiving unemployment benefits.

Maine Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Struggling to maintain financial security with an uncooperative economy can be rather difficult and when unemployment is added into the mix it can be even more stressful. If you are out of work in the state of Maine you may be able to receive temporary compensation for unemployment to help ease the burden.

The maximum compensation for unemployment you may receive in Maine per week is $366 plus another $10 per dependent. Compensation amounts are determined by your previous earnings.