Louisiana Online Unemployment

Over the last few years, the US economy has struggled more than many imagined it ever could. Having been through one of the worst market crashes in American history, the country faced a recession. With an economy that still struggles, unemployment remains a very real problem in most states. Louisiana is one state that was hit hard, trying to overcome the struggles caused by disasters from a few years earlier it has been one of the worst times in history for the Pelican State.

Thankfully, there is hope through the workforce commission. Louisiana's unemployment services online are easy to navigate and understand. To begin the application, simply visit the workforce commission's website (http://www.laworks.net) and start at the home page. Online unemployment filing is easier than one might think. The process is relatively fast and the site makes every detail clear.

Once on the homepage, find the "workers" section located on the left side of the screen. Beneath the "workers" banner will be two options. Click the second option, labeled "File for Unemployment". If you are a state employee, you can also find a list of resources under the same section just below the online unemployment link.

At the top of the page for unemployment online, there are any important messages that may need to be shared with those seeking unemployment benefits. This includes anything from phone numbers to policy changes that need to be immediately accessed. Directly below this will be the important links for claimants. It is split up into four different categories: "Claims Filing", "Update Claim or Review Claim Status", "Important Information" and "Appeals".

Under the "Claims Filing" category are options to file a new claim, re-open an existing claim or claim weekly benefits. If this is the first time filing, select the first option. Once there, you will read information about the process and the legal implications to go with it. Ensure that all information is read and understood before continuing.

It is especially important to agree to the information that will need to be shared (such as social security number and place of residence). Once this page has been read and understood, select the button that says "continue". On the second page, there will be more information to read about the way to process the claim and a few helpful tips. Once this information has been read, click the "file a claim" button and begin.

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