Collecting Extended Unemployment in Kentucky

Unemployment statistics show that in certain cities of Kentucky, there has been an increase in hiring for non-agricultural jobs. The fact remains however, that almost ten percent of Kentucky residents are unemployed. Current law stipulates that those who are claiming unemployment and unable to find employment after the expiration of their claim, may collect extended unemployment insurance benefits though January, 2012.

To claim extended benefits, Kentucky workers should go to The website for claimants of extended unemployment can be accessed every day of the week except for Saturdays. Those eligible for extended unemployment, who don't aren't able to use the internet as well as those who don't speak English, can get extended weekly unemployment eligibility information at 502-875-0442. The number can only be used during the week but not on weekends. You can only, however, ask to be mailed checks using the website. This service is not handled by phone.

Eligibility for unemployment through the extended benefits program is ensured by legislation put in place by the President. If you were already qualified to collect unemployment benefits, you received an extra payment of $25 that started February 22, 2009 and which was active through Dec. 11, 2010. If you became a claimant after May 29, 2010 you are not, however, qualified for the added benefit.

There are no specific actions that claimants should carry out to get their benefits. By filing as usual, if the eligibility is deemed by the state, the claimant will automatically be issued the payment.

Those who have active claims with the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training, Division of Unemployment Insurance, are expected to seek re-employment. Finding employment after many months of being unemployed is a challenge -- particularly in these difficult economic times. The Office of Employment, therefore, offers Kentucky residents who are claiming unemployment insurance benefits, job training. It also provides claimants with the ability to post their resumes and find the latest job postings. If claimants need assistance in updating their resumes, that is also provided upon request or when related workshops are scheduled. Specific information and support is offered to unemployed Oregon agricultural workers as well as veterans.

When claimants are contacted for reviews of their continued eligibility, they should be able to show proof that they're looking for work, to the office of Employment and Training. Visit this site for a form you can fill out with the names and contact information of potential employers:

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