Benefits of Filing for Kentucky Unemployment Insurance

If you are eager to get back to work after losing your job, the Kentucky Office of Employment Training can help. The department not only provides job-seeking resources but also issues unemployment insurance checks to keep families afloat until new jobs are found.

Kentucky unemployment benefits are generally lower than your typical weekly pay. Even though the checks or direct deposits will be less than you are accustomed to receiving, they can still help to pay the bills. The weekly cap is set at $415, but not all applicants are guaranteed the maximum rate.

In general, Kentucky unemployment insurance is set at 1.3078% of the first four of the previous five complete quarters. Applicants must have earned at least $750 in one of the four quarters, and the sum of all the quarters must be 1.5 times or greater the highest quarter's wages. The sum of the last two quarters' earnings must also be at least eight times the weekly check amount. If the weekly rate does not end up being at least $39, the claim may be denied.

The benefits of filing for Kentucky unemployment insurance do not end with a single check. Former workers are entitled to up to 26 times the weekly base rate, which generally equates to 26 weeks or six months. Certain circumstances may reduce the amount of time that benefits can be claimed. Kentucky unemployment claimants are also enrolled in the work registration program, which can help you find a suitable job more quickly. You may not need to accept the first position that is offered to you; instead, the department of unemployment looks at factors such as your work experience, prior earnings, prospects of getting a job in your field, distance from your residence, and the risk to your health or morals.

In order to receive benefits, you must submit weekly claims, and those claims must be approved. Kentucky unemployment claims can be submitted online or through the automated telephone system by calling 1-877-369-5984. The system is available Sunday 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm and Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. If you speak Spanish, do not have access to the Internet, need to submit an initial claim, or need to reopen a claim, you must phone a different number. Applicants in those situations must dial 502-875-0442 Monday through Friday, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, to speak with a representative.

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