Kansas Unemployment Agency Contact Information

Being unemployed during times of high unemployment makes it less likely that people will be able to find work quickly. The competition is much too high. Because of this, the long term unemployed don’t know how they will be able to keep feeding their families and keep them adequately clothed. What people in this situation can do to help themselves out of this situation is to get in touch with the Kansas Unemployment Agency to inquire about their unemployment benefits.

Kansas Unemployment Agency Telephone Numbers

People who live in Topeka, Kansas City and Wichita, have their own local branches they may call whenever they have questions about a claim they have filed or will file in the future. These offices are open from Monday through Friday, except for holidays from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

  • Topeka, Kansas: (785) 575-1460
  • Kansas City, Kansas: (913) 596-3500
  • Wichita, Kansas: (316) 383-9947
  • Toll-Free: (800) 292-6333
  • TTY: (877) 457-5432

The Kansas Unemployment Agency Mailing Address

When people need to make a written inquiry, they will need to send their written correspondence to:

  • Kansas Unemployment Contact Center
  • PO Box 3539
  • Topeka, KS 66601-3539

When people make a written inquiry, it will be important for them to add identifying information to their correspondence. These data that must not be left out of the letter are:

  • The applicant’s social security number,
  • The applicant’s name,
  • The applicant’s address,
  • The applicant’s telephone number and
  • The applicant’s signature.

The Kansas Unemployment Agency Fax Number

People who have access to a fax machine may fax their letters to: (785) 296-3249.

Contacting the Kansas Unemployment Agency Online

It’s also possible to contact the Kansas Unemployment Agency online. People with concerns about their unemployment benefits or who have questions only need to visit the Kansas Department of Labor’s website. They will be taken to the Claimant Information Request Form from the Contact link and then they will go to where they can fill out the form. The response they receive will come either through their email accounts or they will receive a phone call. If people are going to use this form, they may only submit a question.

In order to use the Claimant Information Request Form, people will need to give the information that has been listed above. They will also need to type in their mothers’ maiden names. Because the Agency will answer the questions through email as much they can, an email address is required inform

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