Benefits of Filing for Kansas Unemployment

As the economy continues its battle, unemployment continues to rise and preserving economic and emotional well-being is an uphill struggle. If living in the state of Kansas, the temporary compensation to employees who are eligible and meet the requirements of the state is available.

The basic eligibility requirements for collecting unemployment benefits in Kansas are:

  • Previous employment - You must have been in a job. Prerequisite information for salary paid or the amount of time in workable hours during a recognized period called a base period is issued by The Kansas Unemployment Insurance System
  • According to Kansas law, your unemployment status must be fault free on your behalf.
  • If eligibility is approved, you must file ongoing claims to continue receiving unemployment insurance. You will also need to answer questions that will determine your continued eligibility. Any salary earned from working or any refusal of job offers must be reported when filing your claim.

If eligible, filing for unemployment in the state of Kansas is completed by following the steps listed for the online application:

1. Go to www.GetKansasBenefits.com. Find the “apply for unemployment benefits” button and click.

2. Clicking the informational buttons will allow you to see information on how to collect benefits. Once completed click “continue”.

3. After completing the questions on this page, click “continue”.

4. You will be asked to create a username and password.

5. Click the “login” button and you will create a pin code.

6. After completion of your application, click the “submit claim” button.

7. The “claimant determination” page will then be printed for your records.

You will receive an "unemployment insurance monetary determination" based on the information submitted when filed regarding your previous employment. This information will consist: Of the start date of your unemployment claim, salary reported by each employer, the base period for your employment, the weekly benefit, and the total benefits you can expect to receive.

It will usually take anywhere from two to three weeks to receive your unemployment check. The state of Kansas unemployment benefits are subject to Federal income tax. You may opt to have to these funds taken from your unemployment check. The Social Security Administration (SSA) performs identity verification with all newly filed claims.

If unable to file by computer, Kansas unemployment claims can also be filed by telephone. The contact to start or filing a continuous claim is:

Toll Free – (800) 292-6333

Kansas City – (913) 596-3500

Topeka – (785) 575-1460

Wichita – (316) 383-9941

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