Iowa Weekly Unemployment Application

Filing a weekly unemployment claim with the state of Iowa can give you the financial stability you need to pay your bills and continue looking for a new job. If you have no dependents, you can receive up to $385 per week, whereas a claimant with four dependents can get up to $473 in the unemployment weekly benefit amount (WBA).

To file the first weekly claim for unemployment, you must meet the following conditions. You must be completely or partially unemployed due to a drastic reduction in work hours, you must have lost your job for a reason other than your own fault, you must have earned at least $1330 during your high quarter and at least $660 during your low quarter for the prior 15 months, you must be able to work and actively seeking employment, and you must be registered at a local IowaWORKS center, if applicable. If you do not meet these criteria, your Iowa weekly unemployment claim will be denied.

To claim weekly unemployment, you must first file an application online at or through an IowaWORKS Center. Iowa Workforce Development offers 27 offices across the state. The money from your first claim is normally added to a prepaid debit card or sent to your bank via direct deposit within three weeks.

After the first claim has been approved, you can submit weekly claims for renewal. During each week, you will be asked if you are still unemployed or working reduced hours, if you are still able to work and are actively seeking employment, if you have refused any job offers, and if you are reporting all the pay and pension benefits that you are receiving. The Iowa department of unemployment may deny a weekly claim for unemployment if certain obligations are not met.

Subsequent unemployment claims can be filed at, which is available in English or Spanish. You can also submit an Iowa unemployment weekly claim through the automated telephone system. Job seekers around Des Moines can call (515) 281-6231, while individuals in other parts of the state can call toll-free (800) 850-5627. Filing through the telephone system takes about three minutes. The system is available from 10:00 am Saturday to 11:30 pm Sunday and from 7:30 am to 4:59 pm Monday through Friday. Iowa Workforce Development encourages claimants to file on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday so they can be paid by Thursday.

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