Iowa Unemployment Agency Contact Information

If you are unemployed and recently worked in the state of Iowa you may be able to temporarily receive monetary benefits to help bridge the gap until you are employed once again. With an uncertain economy and skyrocketing prices, being out of work and struggling financially can be an incredibly worrisome time. Contacting the Iowa Department of Unemployment is your first step toward finding out if you qualify for benefits.

Iowa Workforce Development is the agency for unemployment funded by employers throughout the state. Based on earnings during a base period, or the first four of the last five quarters of the year, the Iowa Department of Unemployment calculates how much compensation eligible workers may qualify for.

In Iowa, initial claims may be filed over the telephone by calling the UISC or the state's Unemployment Insurance Service Center. The state of Iowa phone number for the unemployment agency to call toll free is 1-877-891-5344. Phones answer Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and if you live within the Des Moines calling area you should call 515-281-4199 during the same hours.

Before calling, gather all pertinent information to ensure your claim is filed accurately. Some of the details you will need to provide to the Iowa agency for unemployment include your Social Security number and the names and addresses of recent employers along with the respective dates of your employment. You will also need to show that you are unemployed through no fault of your own.

You may also file for benefits in person at one of the state's Workforce Development Centers. Many of the centers regularly hold instructive groups sessions providing help with filing claims and completing the necessary forms. When visiting any Iowa local unemployment office you will also need to bring all of the same relevant information.

Perhaps even more convenient is the option of filing a claim for unemployment with a local unemployment office in Iowa via the Internet. Some requirements for filing online claims include having a valid email address as well as having worked in the state within the last 18 months. Simply log onto: to begin the claims process.

The Iowa unemployment agency email address to use for inquiries or help regarding claims is

If you have any questions about unemployment claims or the filing process, the Iowa office of unemployment phone number to call toll free is 1-866-239-0843.

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