Iowa Extended Unemployment

When you cannot find a job in Iowa, it is very frustrating and emotionally draining. The last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your unemployment benefits are running out. Fortunately Iowa does offer some extended benefits to the long term unemployed.

Eligible for Extended Unemployment Benefits Iowa

To determine if you are eligible for extended unemployment benefits in Iowa, you must meet the following criteria.

1. You are receiving unemployment benefits in Iowa already.

2. You have regularly filed for benefits, verifying each time that you were looking for work and haven’t turned down viable work offers.

Unfortunately, it is likely that you are eligible for Iowa long term unemployment benefits if you can fit one of the following profiles.

1. You refused employment or did not look for a job while receiving Iowa unemployment benefits.

2. You are owed extended unemployment benefits by another state.

3. Your residency is in another state.

4. You have begun receiving a pension or other monies that are more than Iowa long term unemployment benefits.

5. You have not made your initial claim for regular benefits.

Iowa Extended Unemployment Eligibility

To find out more about long term unemployment benefits, you can contact the Iowa Unemployment Services Division or visit a local Iowa Works Center. If you have an account already, you should use this account when contacting the IUSD. The main website is If you are filing a brand new claim, you should file for initial unemployment benefits, even if you are among the long term unemployed in Iowa.

If this is the first time you have filed, you should create an account at You can also file by phone: (515) 281-6231 in the Des Moines area or (800) 850-5627 outside the Des Moines area.

If you feel that you are due regular unemployment benefits or long term unemployment benefits, and you are uncertain what to do, you should find your local Iowa WORKS office and get more information. You can find a list of locations at the Iowa unemployment websites: If you are unemployed in Iowa but are a citizen of another state, please contact your state’s department of labor online to find out how to apply for long term unemployment. Iowa WORKS Centers will still help you in your job search.

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