Qualifying for Indiana Extended Unemployment

In 2009, Congress passed legislation to extend unemployment benefits. If you are on unemployment, you may qualify for an additional 20 weeks of unemployment compensation benefits. The easiest method to determine if you qualify is to visit This is the website provided by the state of Indiana.

Eligibility for unemployment benefits is determined by the number of weeks an individual was employed prior to losing his or her job. To claim unemployment an individual must have been employed for a minimum of 20 weeks. To be eligible for extended unemployment benefits and individual must first exhaust all state unemployment benefits.

Eligibility for unemployment benefits can be determined by completing the application online or visiting one of your local state employment offices. If you are eligible for extended unemployment, the state of Indiana will advise you of how many additional weeks you will receive. If you do not meet the requirements for extended weekly unemployment eligibility, you will receive a notification from the state of Indiana.

To find a local Work One office, visit and click on the "locate an office" icon. A map of the state will display and you will choose the region where you live. If you prefer to apply for benefits online, you can use the claimant uplink to complete the application for unemployment benefits. If you previously applied for benefits online, you can use the claimant uplink to apply for extended unemployment benefits. Your previous information will be available and you will only have to complete the information related to extended weekly unemployment eligibility.

If you have any questions related to extended unemployment benefits, the Work One website provides a handbook and video tutorials. Otherwise, you can select the office in your area and meet with an unemployment counselor. However, the website provides all the information you need in an easy to understand format.

You can also check the status of your claim online 24/7. In addition, you can file your initial voucher and weekly claims on the site. You do not have to report to the Work One office each week. Everything you need to file for unemployment or extended unemployment benefits is available on the Indiana state website.

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