Indiana Weekly Unemployment Application

When you’re unemployed, you still need money for groceries and rent. In Indiana, it’s important to file your weekly claim for unemployment on time so you can keep getting those checks and keep the family afloat.

Part of your unemployment weekly claim is the verification that you are looking for work. To claim weekly unemployment, you must make two job contacts every week to find work. The weekly unemployment claim also confirms that you have not worked during the week and have not made more money than you are allowed to make in a given week. You will verify that you have not found other employment and that you want to receive a check.

Keep a record of the applications you submit as this information may be requested at any time. Indiana State unemployment benefits will last for 26 weeks after they begin.

Any delay in filing your weekly unemployment paperwork can cause a delay in your unemployment weekly payment. One way to remember consistently to file the claims is to sign up for a free weekly reminder Email. The service is provided by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. Sign up for this service immediately so you will never miss a filing deadline.

To file your weekly claim for unemployment, you should file a claim voucher online. Start by visiting for a free tutorial and all the information you need to get started with your unemployment weekly claim process.

You can also chose to claim weekly unemployment by visiting a WorkOne Office directly. Once you are eligible for payments, you will receive a Visa debit card in the mail. It should be received within 21 days and all future weekly unemployment payments will be made to that card. Any weekly unemployment claim payment will be made to that card. Cash advances can be taken for paying rent and other expenses.

When you claim weekly unemployment benefits it is vital that you are honest about your earnings and your efforts to find work. All unemployment weekly information that is submitted is subject to verification by the State of Indiana. If you are found to have lied on weekly unemployment information, you may be required to pay back benefits and could face criminal charges.

Questions regarding the process or your particular benefits can be directed to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. Contact them directly at 1-800-891-6499 for more information and assistance. Representatives are available during the workweek to answer your questions.

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