Indiana Unemployment Insurance Benefits

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development administers the unemployment claims that are filed by Hoosiers every week. The entire system has gone online, so you will need Internet access to start the process on your claim for unemployment. Here is what you need to know if you are filing an unemployment claim in the State of Indiana.


Visit, a secure website run by the state, to get started. You can also visit for a tutorial on the program and more complete directions if this is your first time working with the system. If you do not have Internet access, you can visit your local WorkOne Center. If you have problems with the UpLink system at any point when filing for a weekly claim, you can contact unemployment help line at 1-800-891-6499.


When filing for unemployment compensation, be prepared to provide your personal information as well as the contact information for your employer. You will be required to also supply your social security number and phone number.


Compensation unemployment benefits in Indiana are limited to a maximum of $390 with a minimum payout of $50 per week. The highest quarter of your base period will determine the weekly benefit amount. Earnings during that quarter would have to be at least $9250 to quality for the full benefit amount.


You can expect to receive your first unemployment claims payment within three weeks of filing, provided there are not any issues associated with your claim. The first week of filing is a waiting week and no benefits will be paid during that time. Contact unemployment offices immediately if you are notified of any issues or problems with your claim.

Benefit Period

Unemployment compensation in Indiana is only good for 26 weeks. The unemployment claim will expire after one year and any funds still in the account will be forfeited back to the state.


To quality for compensation associated with unemployment claims, you must meet certain weekly requirements. You are required to look for every week. When you are filing compensation unemployment weekly claims, you are required to keep an account of all job contacts you make. Any payments received for work done should be reported accurately and honesty to keep your claim for unemployment open and active. Failure to do so can result in claims unemployment being denied.

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