Indiana Unemployment Agency Contact Information

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development handles all unemployment claims. They are the unemployment department of the state government. All unemployment claims are handled through UpLink, the online resource for the unemployment department. A help line is available for this resource at 1-800-891-6499.

Filing Benefits

The department of unemployment has moved all benefit filing to an online resource. Located at, all unemployment applications and weekly claims are run through the Internet. If you do not have access to a computer you may also file through a local WorkOne Center.

WorkOne Center

The Department of unemployment now limits the ways people can file for unemployment and submit their weekly claims. Applicants are encouraged to use the online resource at UpLink rather than trying to call the unemployment office. People can also visit the local WorkOne Center for more help or to use their computers. You can find information on locating a center by visiting


Sometimes, the unemployment department will make a mistake and pay too much money. Whether the mistake is made by the agency for unemployment or it was the result of incorrect information, the overpayment will have to be repaid. If you have questions regarding the overpayment, contact the office for unemployment at 317-233-4838. You can also use another phone number for unemployment, 317-233-4839 when you have concerns or questions about an overpayment.

Live Person

While you are not encouraged to file claims through the phone, you can still call the department of unemployment. The main phone number to unemployment is 800-891-6499. Be prepared to wait for a long period of time if you decide to call the number for unemployment to speak directly to someone at the agency for unemployment. Have your social security number and dates of unemployment handy when you call the phone number to unemployment.

Problems and Concerns

If you problems or concerns related to your claim, it is advisable to call the unemployment number. Representatives at the office for unemployment will be able to answer questions, as well as asking you any questions that they might have. The unemployment number is 1-800-891-6499 and hold times for the unemployment office can be extensive.

When calling the number for unemployment, be prepared to hold for a while. The phone number for unemployment is often busy, but operators will answer your call as soon as possible. Have the necessary information in hand so that you can get your questions answered and get your unemployment claim back on track quickly.

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