Filing For Unemployment Online in Indiana

Filing for online unemployment need not be difficult or confusing. Indiana's unemployment service online is fairly easy to understand and can make filing your claim much more convenient. Unemployment services online can not only speed up your claim, it can make filing your claim more efficient for both you and the Department of Workforce Development. Utilizing Indiana's available unemployment services online is both faster and easier than previous systems.

 In order to file for unemployment online in Indiana it is necessary to first access Uplink CSS, the online unemployment filing system. This can be done from your own computer or at your nearest WorkOne Center. You can begin by going to When filing for unemployment online in Indiana you will need to have some information handy. You will need to know your full name and address, your Social Security number, your most recent employer's name and address, the dates during which you worked for your most recent employer, and the reason for your unemployment. If you are reporting to a WorkOne Center to access Uplink CSS you will also need your personal identification number. Once you have provided this information the Indiana Department of Workforce Development can process your claim. You may also be required to register for work through

 Once your claim has been processed there will be a one week waiting period during which you can receive no benefits. When this waiting period has been completed fill out your online unemployment claim voucher on the online unemployment filing system, Uplink CSS, within one week of filing your original claim. Each week thereafter you must continue to file your weekly claims for unemployment online at Uplink. You may also be requested to visit you nearest WorkOne Center for interviews and job search assistance. It is important to remember that your claim may take longer to process if you do not completely and correctly fill out your online unemployment voucher form. Make certain to keep a record of all wages or pay earned during each week and answer all the questions as completely and accurately as possible.

 Indiana's unemployment service online is designed to make online unemployment filing as simple, accurate, and efficient as possible. If you follow these simple steps you should have no difficulty completing your claim with the unemployment service online.

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