Apply and Receive Indiana Unemployment

If you are an Indiana resident that is temporarily out of work, it is important that you apply for and start receiving unemployment benefits as quickly as possible. If you are like most in this economic downturn, you do not have a large enough savings in your bank accounts to tide you over for the weeks or months that it may take to find other employment. You need to keep making your utility bills, your car payments, your house payments, and you need to eat! It is a fairly quick and easy process to apply for unemployment, and this article will tell you how to submit your application for unemployment in order to start to receive unemployment.

To begin your Indiana online unemployment application using the UpLink system, click the New User button at On the next page, create your account. You need to enter your name, Social Security number, and create login information. Once your account is created, you can login using your newly created login information. To begin the registration process, you need to enter your date of birth, contact information, demographic information, including your race, ethnicity, and education level.

The next step to receive unemployment is to enter your initial filing information. This information includes whether or not you have received unemployment benefits in Indiana or any other state since 2007, your Indiana residency, whether you are able to work a full time job if one is offered to you, if you are attending school, and information about your very last employer. UpLink also requires information about the jobs and rate of pay that you are searching for. Lastly, review the application for unemployment summary and submit the claim. Before the UpLink session ends, you will receive a confirmation number that you should print or write down, so that you can check up on your claim status. If your claim is accepted and you bein receiving unemployment benefits, you will also use the UpLink system to submit your weekly claims.

If you are unable to apply for unemployment using the UpLink system due to errors or lack of internet connection, you can visit your local WorkOne center to file your unemployment application. To find your local WorkOne center, you can call (800) 891-6499 or search on their website at

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