Illinois Weekly Unemployment Application

The Illinois weekly unemployment claim process is not as difficult as it once was. No longer must an individual who needs to file for Illinois weekly unemployment spend long hours sitting in and Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) office or waiting in line to speak with a representative of IDES.

Today, if you’d like to, you can actually file an Illinois weekly unemployment claim without ever meeting an employee of IDES; however, the process you undertake is entirely up to you and may be influenced by your comfort level in operating computers.

If you are unsure or uncertain in working with computer and in dealing with the internet, you may wish to file your initial Illinois weekly claim for unemployment with the assistance of an IDES employee at one of the IDES branch offices. This will help you get started and allow you to become more familiar with the process. An IDES employee can help you understand how the process of Illinois unemployment weekly claim filing works via the internet and how you will need to proceed in order to claim weekly Illinois unemployment benefits on an ongoing basis.

Thanks to the automated website for Illinois weekly unemployment claim filing, you can initiate a claim online, receive payments, sign up for direct deposit to a bank account and receive and review all of your communications from the IDES office electronically, without ever setting foot in an actual IDES branch office, if you so choose.

You will need to visit the Illinois Department of Employment Security website at to initiate your unemployment benefits claim. The process begins with you clicking on the link for “Start Your Application,” which appears on the website’s homepage, about half way down the page.

You must thoroughly complete the electronic form to claim weekly Illinois unemployment. You must provide all requested information, including details regarding past employment, earnings, education, and any information about severance pay, holiday pay, distribution of retirement plans and all other details regarding your separation from your last employer for your Illinois weekly claim for unemployment to be approved.

After completing this form, the application will go through a review and determination process. You may be asked for more detailed information about your previous employment. You must provide sufficient answers to all of these questions in order to qualify for Illinois unemployment weekly claim approval.

After being approved to receive Illinois weekly unemployment benefits, you will be required to file vouchers each week in order to maintain your active claim status. This can also be completed by logging into the IDES website. The IDES automated system makes filing and maintaining your Illinois weekly unemployment claim simple and easy

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