Illinois Unemployment Services

Are you looking for Illinois online unemployment services? These are provided at This is a free, official resource for filing a claim and for getting information on unemployment compensation and job opportunities.

Getting Help Online, In Person or By Phone

The Illinois Department of Employment Services, known as IDES, provides three ways to get information. You can go to and read about your rights and responsibilities. If you want to consult in person or by phone, call 1-888-367-4382. They can tell you where an IDES office is in your area. You can then phone or visit.


You may be eligible for Illinois unemployment services compensation if you lost your job through no fault of your own. Your employer must be part of the State Unemployment Insurance System. If your job is on commission, in the agricultural field or even a government job, you may not qualify directly for benefits. In these cases, it is advisable to visit the office nearest you.

In order to keep your benefits, you will have to prove that you are honestly seeking a job. At, you can be matched to job openings.

Paperwork Requirements

You will need your Social Security card or, lacking that, you can use an IRS W-2 form or payroll check stub that shows your social security number. You should be able to provide contact information for all employers. This may go back as far as two years. You will need pay stubs and any other records which show your wages. IDES will ask if you received any dismissal wages, and they will want to know if you receive pension or social security payments. They will ask if you have been a government or railroad worker, and they will expect you to include any military service in your employment record. They may also ask for your spouse's employment status and social security number and for information on your children, including their social security numbers and any custody papers.


If you are denied benefits, you can appeal. More information on Illinois online unemployment services is available at

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