Illinois Unemployment Insurance

Illinois, due to its large employment market in Chicago and near absence of major cities outside of Chicago, has a unique and somewhat awkward unemployment benefits system. Like all states, Illinois requires that anyone who wishes to receive an unemployment benefit have been terminated without prejudice (i.e. without having committed a crime or other offense) and denies benefits to those who chose to quit their jobs. However, those looking to continue to receive benefits for an extended period may find that their are certain hurdles they will have to cross that may impede their unemployment insurance benefit.

First is that, like all states, Illinois requires that for one to benefit from unemployment, they must be actively looking for work. This necessitates that persons who are receiving unemployment insurance take assertive steps to fill out applications and attend job interviews, and prove that they have done so accordingly. This usually takes the form of paperwork filled out by potential employers to certify that a job applicant, however qualified, made a genuine effort to show up and obtain work and did their best during the course of the interview. Employers are permitted to be assertive and use their own definitions in filling out this paperwork, and may refuse to fill it out or certify it if an applicant is not sufficiently genuine in their offer. As such, persons receiving unemployment benefits should do their best to apply to jobs they do want, even if they can't get them, and put their best foot forward. This will not only ensure they continue receiving unemployment benefits, it will help them to get a job in the long run.

An excellent way to ensure one keeps receiving an unemployment insurance benefit during the course of their job search is to sign up for a headhunting company. All reliable headhunting companies will not impede one's search for employment and are more than willing to repeatedly fill out unemployment forms for their clients. Additionally, some headhunting services offer assistance in ensuring unemployment collection and assisting in interview prep. This will help those receiving unemployment benefits to get their benefits and get back to work sooner.

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