How To Extend Your Unemployment in Illinois

Current unemployment rates across the country are high, but in some parts of Illinois, as much as 20% of the population is out of work. Extended unemployment benefits are available to assist those whose eligibility for unemployment has run out. During periods of high unemployment, the Illinois Extended Benefits program enables those who were eligible for unemployment, to collect additional weeks of unemployment eligibility.

If you have already received Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC08) and are still unemployed, you may be qualify for extended benefits. Once your EUC benefits end, your extended benefits claim will begin automatically. In fact, you should receive notification of your extended benefits eligibility approximately three weeks after your EUC payments have ended.

Extended benefits will be in the same amount as your weekly EUC benefit amount. They will be allocated to you for up to 20 weeks. The same process that you used to file your former claims should be continued. The Department of Employment Security of the state of Illinois, will send you information, including when to call Teleserve at 888-337-7234 and file your first extended benefit claim.

During the extended benefits phase, it will important for you to prove that you are pursuing employment to the best of your ability. You will be provided with a work search form that proves that you have not refused work during the weeks for which you are certifying. You will also be asked to submit the contact information for a minimum number of five potential employers whom you have sent resumes to or had interviews with.

Extended benefits eligibility guidelines are much stricter than for regular and EUC08 benefits. Failure to meet the work search requirements can lead to termination of benefits. If you have questions about how to fill out or submit work search forms, there's a customer call center at 1-800-244-5631 which you can contact for detailed instructions.

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