Idaho Weekly Unemployment Application

As the economy shows little to no signs of growth, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a job if you've lost yours and are looking for a new one. Without a steady paycheck, you can't pay your bills and financial problems become bigger and bigger, leading to stress that can cause emotional issues and keep you from finding a new job. Fortunately, there's some help available in the form of Idaho unemployment compensation. If you're eligible for unemployment benefits, you can receive a portion of your former paycheck while you continue to look for a job.

Filing for Idaho unemployment compensation is relatively easy. You can file online, by phone, or in person. You can file online by going to the IdahoWorks System. If you wish to file by phone, you'll need to call your local unemployment office. Their phone numbers are listed here, as well as their addresses. They're located throughout Idaho, and if you want to apply for unemployment in person, you'll need to do so at the office nearest you. Once you've filed for unemployment and been approved, you'll need to file a weekly claim for unemployment in Idaho to continue receiving benefits.

The same options exist for filing an Idaho unemployment weekly claim as for filing your initial claim. The fastest way to file your weekly unemployment claim is online. If you have a computer at home, you can file your Idaho weekly unemployment without leaving the comfort of your own home. Filing by phone is also relatively fast, but your call will be handled in the order it was received, which means that if your local office is busy, you may have to wait a little while on the phone before filing for your Idaho unemployment weekly benefits.

If you choose to file your Idaho claim weekly unemployment in person, you may experience a delay in receiving your benefits, which is why most people choose to file their weekly claims online or by phone. If you have any questions or issues with filing your weekly unemployment claim in Idaho, and you're not sure which office to contact, you can call the main Department of Labor office in Boise at (208) 332-3570. They are also available by email for questions at

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