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Health Insurance Options For The Unemployed

Unfortunately, for far too many it is a message that hits close to home. If you are one of the literally, millions of people who in this dire economic climate finds themselves out of work and unemployed, you know all too well the feeling of being without health insurance and the uphill climb it can be to get it. It is a problem repeating itself an immeasurable number of times a day, all over the country. If you are one of these people, take a deep breath and don’t allow your anguish to get the best of you, there are people and services that can help you find adequate and comprehensive health coverage in this your greatest time of need.

There are a few viable options for individual health coverage for the unemployed. The first and certainly most ideal and convenient option is if you have lost your job and want to continue your current health coverage protection, you should look into COBRA. What COBRA does is it allows individuals to extend their current group health insurance policy from their prior job to continue for a period of time while you are unemployed. It is a generally accepted fact that utilizing COBRA is the superior option for the newly unemployed when available.

Since you find yourself unemployed, obviously money is of the utmost importance and watching every dollar you spend should be common practice about now. Although, it wouldn’t be the first option, another highly feasible option for you is to look to obtain an individual policy from a different health insurer. However, it is essential you keep in mind this is nearly guaranteed to be a more expensive option and finding a comprehensive health insurance policy at a rate you can afford is quite a difficult task. That said, there are options out there with companies who cater specifically to the individual in need of health insurance, although it is going to take some research and asking around to find a policy that serves you in all the ways you need during this difficult time.

Finally, and this is considered by many to be a last resort, and rightfully so as it is not widely available and many times completely isn’t even an option for many people. Yet, there is a chance you can be added to a family members current health insurance policy. This will without a doubt not come cheaply for your family member and will likely take a mountain of paperwork to complete, but if you have the chance, there are few better options available regardless of a persons’ employment status.

Whatever you do, doing nothing can’t be an option. Every day you go without health insurance, you are one accident, mistake or tragedy away from being buried so far under a mountain of debt with hospital bills, that even if you had two jobs it will take you a lifetime to pay off! It is not worth the risk, no matter how much searching around you need to do and no matter if it may cost a little bit of money. This is your health, your life we are talking about after all!

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Health Care