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Health Care For the Unemployed

So you have lost your job and your lack of income is not even the biggest of your worries! Rest assured that you are not alone as quite literally millions of people are in the same boat. For many, after becoming unemployed, the loss of health insurance soon becomes their biggest financial hurdle as even the slightest problem which requires a hospital visit can possibly bankrupt even the most financially well off people. It is a sad commentary on the state of our society that we allow people to lose their lifesavings because they chose a lifesaving health procedure for themselves or a family member.

For a select few, after losing their jobs it is a feasible option to maintain their company health insurance but more likely than not, the ability to maintain such an expensive monthly premium to remain on your employer’s health insurance is simply not an option. The average cost of health insurance for an American family comes in at an insane average of $1,100 a month! Without a steady income, the ability to afford this cost can diminish quickly leaving you and your loved ones with no health protection whatsoever. So while this may be an option for you, more likely than not you will be looking for a far more affordable alternative.

While it can be very difficult, if you are willing to put in the time and do your due diligence you can find yourself individual insurance that is both affordable and protects you in case of the worst case scenario. Research has shown that many times individual insurance with coverage for children is a legitimate option for those who can’t afford their former employer’s health coverage. There are even short-term coverage options which can be a quick-fix solution to take off the added stress and pressure you already find yourself under and allow you flexibility when it comes to your ability to get coverage for you and your family for a price you can handle for a short period.

Your family’s financial and health security is one of the most important things in your life and as a result, when losing your job you are possibly losing so much more than just a steady paycheck. You are losing the peace of mind that your hard earned money you have been saving for years will be there for years to come and not go to getting yourself out of medical debt due to an unforeseen tragedy or medical emergency!

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Health Care