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An Accident Away From a Health and Financial Nightmare

“Close to fifty percent of family bankruptcies are caused because of a health care crisis”, those words, uttered by President Obama shortly after being elected, finally gave voice to those nationwide who have been afflicted by this travesty that our country has allowed to occur. To lose an entire life-savings, your child’s college tuition, or your hard earned yearly vacation money all because of an unforeseen medical emergency is sadly an all-too common occurrence. Considering that the average rate of a night’s stay in the local hospital is well into the thousands, along with blood work and a litany of other expenses, you are looking at a hefty price tag just to stay healthy and alive! Ultimately, the sheer fact of the matter is, staggering healthcare expenses are resulting in overwhelming financial hardships for millions of Americans who are unprepared and unable to financially bear the brunt.

All hope is not lost however as there has been some movement on the healthcare issues at the Federal level (although contentious), and there are certain steps you can take to help protect yourself and your loved ones from ever having to experience such a frightening experience like healthcare costs driving your into bankruptcy.

  • Know Who You Are: So many people have no idea what kind of health risks they may be predisposed to due to family health history, dietary habits, genetics and a whole host of other factors. Talk to your family about their health issues, to help get an idea of potential factors to be on the lookout for. Know that if you do things like drink and/or smoke (among other things) you are hurting yourself. Be honest with yourself and know the risks you are facing with your lifestyle and family history.
  • Exercise: There couldn’t possibly be any more research done on the topic, but if you still need convincing just do a quick Google search. The link between exercise and an active lifestyle, and length and quality of said life couldn’t be more concrete and exact. There is a direct link between exercise and your health. Don’t discount it as something that is too hard or something you have no time for! This is a powerful weapon in the fight against potential major health problems which could lead to healthcare cause bankruptcy.
  • Get Covered, Stay Covered: Okay so it is definitely on the more expensive side but the alternative is simply too dangerous and massive to not obtain at least a basic “bare-bones” healthcare insurance plan for yourself. Don’t wait until you really need the coverage because of a health problem, because by then, it will already be far too late!
  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: At long last there has been legislation passed by the United States Government which makes health benefits far more accessible to all citizens while additionally improving efficiency, costs and quality of the healthcare system as a whole! Educate yourself as to how the new law can and will help you personally. You can visit the United States Health and Humans Services ( website to receive more information.
  • Preventative Medicine: The old saying is, “You’ve got to spend money to make money”. Well, in order to stay out of the Doctor’s office and the hospital, you’ve got to visit the Doctor’s office regularly for checkups. Consider it a preemptive strike against any potential illnesses that may be lurking in your future. Annual health exams of your general wellbeing as well as your laboratory workup should provide you and your Doctor enough information to avoid any unforeseen health issues in your future or begin treating any issues early, to mitigate any potential damage to your long-term health.

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Health Care