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Perhaps the scariest part of finding yourself unemployed is the potentially catastrophic lapse in health care coverage for you and/or your family. There is possibly no greater fear of the currently unemployed than having a sickness or illness that could possibly land them in the hospital, racking up tens to hundreds or thousands of dollars in bills! Bankruptcy among the uninsured as a result of a health issue has absolutely skyrocketed over the previous few decades. It is with this in mind, that causes many of the millions of unemployed to lie awake at night. At Unemployment Help, we know that this is a major problem for not only your families, but ours as well, that is why we are dedicated to offering the most important and helpful information available today to keep our readers extremely informed of their rights and the issues of the day facing unemployed people who lack health coverage. With articles such as, "Health Insurance Options for the Unemployed", "SCHIP FAQ's" and "Health Care for the Unemployed" among many others, you will be well-versed on your options and rights when it comes to your vital health care coverage.

Health Care For the Unemployed

So you have lost your job and your lack of income is not even the biggest of your worries! Rest assured that you are not alone as quite literally millions of people are in the same boat. For many, after becoming unemployed, the loss of health insurance soon becomes their biggest financial hurdle as even the slightest problem which requires a hospital visit can possibly bankrupt even the most financially well off people.

Health Insurance Strategies For The Unemployed

As if being unemployed wasn’t difficult enough for the millions who currently find themselves out of work, but when you add on top of that stressful situation the fact that as a result of a lack of a job or a job loss that many people lose their health insurance as well, the situation goes from stressful to a panic filled crisis. There simply isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t hear a story about another person being forced into bankruptcy or worse as a result of an unforeseen health situation that completely drains their bank accounts and forces people deep into a debilitating debt problem.

Health Insurance Options For The Unemployed

Unfortunately, for far too many it is a message that hits close to home. If you are one of the literally, millions of people who in this dire economic climate finds themselves out of work and unemployed, you know all too well the feeling of being without health insurance and the uphill climb it can be to get it. It is a problem repeating itself an immeasurable number of times a day, all over the country. If you are one of these people, take a deep breath and don’t allow your anguish to get the best of you, there are people and services that can help you find adequate and comprehensive health coverage in this your greatest time of need.

Medicaid FAQ's

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a government program that assists low-income individuals and families in paying for medical treatment and preventative care. Medicaid is partially funded by the federal government, but administrated by the state governments. So in reality Medicaid is not a single program so much as it is fifty separate programs. This means that eligibility, application requirements, and coverage vary depending on where you live


What is SCHIP?

The State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP, also just called CHIP) is a federal government program to provide health insurance to low-income children whose families do not qualify for Medicaid. Although it does no cover adults, CHIP can be a great relief to unemployed parents, because they can cover their kids with CHIP and buy less expensive individual coverage for themselves. CHIP is funded by both the federal and state governments, but administered by the states, which means that eligibility, coverage, application process, and claim process may vary from state to state.

Health Insurance Options for the Unemployed

Many unemployed people underestimate the importance of being covered by health insurance, especially if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires regular treatment or medication. Going without health insurance for more than 30 days is enough to allow many insurance providers to consider your conditions pre-existing and deny any benefits that relate to these conditions for up to a year.

Unemployment and Maintaining Health Coverage

The economy is in a downward tailspin, unemployment is at an all-time high, and stagnate economic growth is a reality with unemployment looming at nearly everyone’s doorstep. Traditionally, health insurance is part of a benefits package offered by the employer; however, the growing numbers of unemployed face the new problem of buying health insurance to protect themselves and their families. With COBRA benefits out of financial reach for most individuals relying on unemployment benefits, there are other options for health care when unemployed.

An Accident Away From a Health and Financial Nightmare

“Close to fifty percent of family bankruptcies are caused because of a health care crisis”, those words, uttered by President Obama shortly after being elected, finally gave voice to those nationwide who have been afflicted by this travesty that our country has allowed to occur. To lose an entire life-savings, your child’s college tuition, or your hard earned yearly vacation money all because of an unforeseen medical emergency is sadly an all-too common occurrence. Considering that the average rate of a night’s stay in the local hospital is well into the thousands, along with blood work and a litany of other expenses, you are looking at a hefty price tag just to stay healthy and alive! Ultimately, the sheer fact of the matter is, staggering healthcare expenses are resulting in overwhelming financial hardships for millions of Americans who are unprepared and unable to financially bear the brunt.

Losing Employer Based Health Insurance

It is an unfortunate fact of the current state of our economy but millions find themselves out of jobs, with thousands of people losing their jobs daily along with company paid for health insurance coverage. For many people who suddenly find themselves unemployed, losing your health insurance is perhaps the most difficult aspect of all when it comes to losing your job. Those who have experienced this know firsthand the daunting and arduous task of finding affordable and sufficient medical coverage. For those in this situation, here are a number of healthcare options which could benefit you and your family if you are or have recently become, unemployed.

Obtaining Health Care Coverage During Times of Unemployment

Finding health care coverage when unemployed can be a challenge, especially when you have a pre-existing medical condition. Knowing what you are at-risk for is important, especially when you could very well end up dealing with staggering health care expenses. COBRA is an option for those who have recently lost their jobs. It is generally a short-term solution where you can continue your health care coverage from your employer, although it can still be costly due to having to cover the cost of the entire premium in addition to administrative fees. In some instances, your employer may be willing to continue paying the bulk of your coverage.

Health Care