Hawaii Weekly Unemployment Application

When you become unemployed, you obviously wonder how you are going to continue paying your bills and how you will find your next job. The Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations can provide you will temporary support until you re-secure your financial future.

Filing for weekly unemployment insurance benefits in Hawaii begins with an initial application through the Division of Unemployment Insurance. This application establishes the basis for your claim, confirms your eligibility, and sets your benefit amount for receiving unemployment weekly. To complete this first claim, call 643-5555 from inside Hawaii or 1-877-215-5793 from anywhere else in the United States. The automated system is available from 6:30 am to midnight, Sunday through Thursday, and 6:30 am to 4:30 pm on Friday. New applicants are encouraged to call during the hours of 7:45 am to 4:30 pm because you must speak with a department representative to finalize your first weekly unemployment claim. If you call outside of business hours, you can start your claim but you will need to call back to finalize it.

After the initial application is approved, you can submit your bi-weekly or weekly claim for unemployment through the Hawaii Tele-Claim telephone system or the equivalent online system. You must file a claim weekly for the first two weeks and then bi-weekly, once every two weeks, thereafter. Weeks start on Sunday and end on Saturday, and you are always submitting a claim for the previous week. If you file bi-weekly, you must claim weekly unemployment for the first week, end the claim, and then press "1" to continue filing for the second week.

You can receive Hawaii unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks or until you reach your maximum benefit amount. During each unemployment claim, you must certify that you are still unemployed, are registered with the State Workforce Development Division, are participating in any reemployment service referrals, are able and willing to work, and are making three or more job contacts per week. Keeping in mind that your first Hawaii unemployment weekly claim counts as your waiting week and does not result in any pay. You generally receive your first benefits in week three.

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