Hawaii Online Unemployment

Maintaining your financial and emotional security while unemployed can be a struggle. Fortunately the Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations is here to help you through this challenging time and aid you in successfully obtaining new employment. If you have recently become involuntarily unemployed or had your hours cut then you should immediately apply for Hawaii's unemployment benefits and job search help.

To receive unemployment checks from the government of Hawaii you must first formally file for online unemployment benefits. In 2010 Hawaii joined the growing list of states that allow you to apply for unemployment services online. Earlier this year online services were expanded to allow you to apply for unemployment extensions online as well. If you prefer to apply by phone, you may do so by calling 643-5555 from within Hawaii or 1-877-215-5793 if outside Hawaii.

It is important to apply for benefits as soon as you lose your job or have had your hours reduced. If you are classified as an independent contractor you are not eligible for unemployment benefits. Before you begin your online unemployment filing you will need to have certain information on hand, such as your place of birth, employment history for the last 18 months and proof of any other benefits you may be receiving such as disability benefits or workers compensation. To be eligible you must also have made a sufficient amount of money in the time leading up to losing your job. In order to collect benefits you cannot have quit your job voluntarily or been fired for just cause.

After you file your online unemployment application you will receive within a few days an informational packet in the mail telling you what you need to do to next in the application process. Once you are accepted into the unemployment program, you will be expected to file claims at regular intervals that will be determined at the time of your acceptance. While receiving unemployment benefits you will also be required to look for work and to make contact with potential employers at least three times per week.

Unemployment services online enable Hawaii residents to easily and quickly contact the Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. So apply today to start the process for receiving any unemployment benefits to which you are entitled and help ease the transition to meeting your future career goals.

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