Online Georgia Unemployment Services

Online Georgia unemployment services can be found on the Georgia Department of Labor website. Georgia unemployment online services include filing unemployment claims, but the website offers other help too.

Georgia DOL website has online resources to help you find a new job or learn about education and training. The main web address is From there, you can find all kinds of online unemployment information. Georgia online unemployment services include a job search handbook, listings of job fairs, labor market information, career change advice, resume advice, and interview advice.

Online unemployment information can also be found at the United States Department of Labor website: provides help with resumes, job searches and more.

To file with the Georgia unemployment service, you must meet these basic qualifications: You must have worked in Georgia for the last two years and you must have lived in Georgia for the past two years. If not, you may need to go to one of the 53 Georgia DOL career centers. A listing of these centers is also a Georgia unemployment online service of the GA DOL (

However, all workers can used Georgia unemployment online help. This includes information on how to file, what papers you need to file, what the qualifications are for receiving benefits and what the requirements are for continuing to receive benefits. You can also get information on how to get your benefits extended. There is also information for Georgia Disaster Relief which may qualify some for unemployment benefits.

If you wish to apply online using Georgia online unemployment services, you will need your social security number and your Georgia driver's license or alternate approved ID. They will need you to supply them with your employment information for the last 18 months to two years. Also, if you were employed by the federal government, they will ask for forms SF-8 or SF-50 and paystubs.

You will also need tax forms. Most will need W-2s and a recent federal tax return. If you are military personnel, you will need your DD-214 and any applicable military orders such as return and release documents.

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