Georgia Weekly Unemployment Application

Applications for Georgia's unemployment weekly checks are available at any Department of Labor career center. Filing your weekly unemployment claim requires the names, numbers and addresses of your employers for the last 18 months and your dismissal order, if one is available. You should also be able to produce your most recent federal tax return and, if you are a farmer or self-employed, your quarterly income tax statements.

 The DOL also requires your social security number and a government-issued ID, which may simply be your Georgia driver's license. You must be able to prove that your unemployment weekly claim was due to a layoff, downsizing, or natural disaster. If you are fired, it is worth contacting the Georgia DOL to learn your remedies in this matter. If you can prove that your employer fired you rather than admit that it was laying off employees, you may have a case.

 It is important to file the claim immediately. It does not pay to wait until you are sure you need the money.

 Fortunately filing a Georgia weekly unemployment claim is fairly simple. Using all of the papers (employment records, tax forms, etc.), the Georgia DOL will evaluate your claim. Once approved, you will receive weekly unemployment compensation retroactively to the date you filed (unfortunately, not the date you lost your job).

 Part of Georgia weekly unemployment claims are Disaster Relief Payments. Recent events such as the tornadoes in Ringgold and other Georgia towns have increased the number of disasters for which relief is offered to the self-employed or to those who lost their jobs. The military should provide any return and release orders for the last 18 months.

 To file a claim, you may go to one of the 53 DOL career centers in Georgia. You may also file online at the Georgia Department of Labor website. Once you file, you must be able to show that you are job-hunting or in job training. For more information, go to the Georgia DOL website at You can claim weekly unemployment and get more information on job hunting in this economy.

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