Georgia Unemployment Office Contact Information

The Georgia department of unemployment is actually part of the larger Georgia Department of Labor. The unemployment phone numbers include two automated lines. The Georgia unemployment number for the Metro Atlanta area is a local call: 404-232-4290, The Georgia unemployment number for outside the Metro Atlanta area is toll-free: 1-866-873-5676. These numbers will link you with OLIVoR, an interactive voice response system used to assist those who are unemployed and seeking benefits.

 There are many local Georgia unemployment departments. The GA DOL has unemployment numbers at 53 career centers in different places across the state. Each unemployment agency is equipped to help unemployed workers apply for benefits or launch a job search. For the phone number to unemployment agency near you, you can link to the GA DOL website ( There is a complete listing of unemployment department career centers. You can get a phone number for unemployment advice and for information on applying for benefits.

 The Georgia office of unemployment career centers offer employment and training help in your region where you are searching for a job. With the help of a Georgia unemployment agency, you can apply for benefits, extend benefits and learn about job openings in your area. The Georgia unemployment office can help you find training and education that will help you get a new job.

 You may also want to get the phone number for unemployment help near you at a One Stop Center. The phone number for unemployment help is available under your county at They provide access to computers, printers and helpful software programs. Some can help find childcare, uniforms and other services for those who cannot start work without it. There are also workshops to help job seekers.

 The unemployment number in Georgia has gone up over the last few years. However, despite the high unemployment numbers, the office of unemployment continues to require all those with unemployment benefits to continue searching for a job. To get more information and a local phone number for unemployment, go to

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