File and Collect Georgia Unemployment

Have you lost your job? Do you know how to collect unemployment? Filing for unemployment in Georgia is relatively easy.Decide if you want to apply online with the Georgia Department of Labor or go to one of their 53 career centers. The website for more information is You will want to do the following before contacting them:

 First, gather all of your financial information: pay stubs, last year's tax return, and the addresses for all employers for the last 18 months. You will need this for filing purposes.

 If you were not employed in Georgia, you will need to file for unemployment in another state. You can get help at the Georgia Department of Labor website or career centers.

 Next, assuming you will be filling for unemployment in Georgia, do you have any document that can prove that you were laid off? If not, don't worry. Once you are done filing for unemployment, the GA DOL will help you. A layoff may be a furlough, a factory shutdown, a business closing, or other type of downsizing that is out of your control. Unfortunately you are not eligible if you were fired.

 Then, you will need a checkbook for unemployment filing. You do not have to pay a fee. Your employer already paid into the fund for unemployment. The checkbook will have your bank information and your check routing number. You will need that for direct deposit since that it how to collect unemployment benefits in Georgia.

 If you are military personnel, you may be eligible. You will need any or all of the following: orders to report or release, DD-214 (most recent), leave statement, military earnings statement, and any W-2s.

 If you are a farmer or otherwise self-employed, bring your quarterly tax statements.

 With these papers in hand, filing for unemployment should be easy.

 File for unemployment as soon as possible or you may find yourself in financial need. Unemployment is not paid retroactively to the date you lost your job. Instead it is tied to the date you file for unemployment.

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