Apply and Receive Georgia Unemployment

Georgia workers who have lost their jobs due to layoffs, furloughs, downsizing and natural disasters should apply for unemployment compensation as soon as possible. Waiting to apply just makes it take longer to receive replacement income. Furthermore, compensation begins with the day you apply, not with the day you lost your job.

 With online help, it is easy for most people to file an application for unemployment. You can also get help at one of 53 Georgia Department of Labor career centers.

 To apply for unemployment, you will need proof of employment and, if possible, your dismissal order. You will need the contact information for former employers for at least the last 18 months. if you are a federal employee or military or service personnel, you should provide any documentation that you have to show your current unemployed status, even if you may return to work after furlough has ended.

 To finish unemployment applications, you will also need a checking account routing number and your bank account information. Georgia uses direct deposit to pay for unemployment claims.

 Those who experience unemployment apply late in many cases. Don't let this happen to you. Go to the Georgia DOL website at Learn your rights and responsibilities. Apply online or download a Georgia unemployment application.

 If you need help, go to one of the 53 DOL career centers. They can help you file a claim, look for a job or find a training program.

 Natural Disaster Relief is also available to those who have lost their livelihood due to a tornado or other event. This includes farmers and contractors such as electricians, roofers, and others. Farmers and the self-employed should provide as much documentation as possible such as quarterly tax statements. If you also lost your home or business in a natural disaster, you can get copies of your federal tax return and other employment related documents by contacting the IRS at

 Act now to apply and receive Georgia unemployment benefits. Waiting until you are desperate will just mean waiting more weeks to be approved. Apply now.

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