How To Use Florida's Online Unemployment Services

Florida’s Unemployment service website (http://www.floridajobs.org/unemployment/) offers several convenient services, including:

Filing a New Unemployment Claim
The site offers the option of completing the Initial Claim Form in English or Spanish and provides detailed, step-by-step instructions in both languages. The Claim Form Instructions also provide a hotline number (1-800-204-2418) to call in the event that you have a question about any of the online unemployment services.

Filing for Extended Benefits (EB)
The Extended Benefits page is very similar to the Initial Claim Form. It is also offered in both English and Spanish.

Filing a Weekly Certification and Work Verification
The Weekly Certification is made up of a series of online prompts that guide you as you enter information about your job search the previous week. Creating or changing the PIN number associated with your Florida Unemployment Compensation account

Filing an Appeal
If you disagree with a decision that has been made in your case, you can file an online Appeal through “The Internet Appeals Program.”

Reporting Unemployment Compensation Fraud
The site has a Fraud Hotline number you can call and an online form you can fill out if you suspect that someone is committing Unemployment Compensation Fraud. Both options allow you to remain anonymous. A List of Contact Information (both e-mail addresses and phone numbers) that may be useful to those filing for Unemployment Compensation

One-Stop Center Location Directory
This directory is very clear and user-friendly, allowing residents to quickly find the nearest One-Stop Career Center to their location. One-Stop Career Centers offer many unemployment services, all in one location.

Frequently Asked Questions
This is a very useful page that answers the most common questions people have had about Unemployment Compensation Eligibility, applying for Unemployment online, and the process towards having your Claim accepted.

Additional Job Search Services:
Workforce Services:
This page provides links to several different job search engines and workforce training programs that may be of interest to those applying for unemployment online.

Educational Resources
The site also provides links for those considering going back to school. It offers information about Federal Financial Aid programs that students may qualify for in order to help fund their education.

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