Low Income Housing Assistance

How to Get Affordable HUD Senior Housing

Seniors who have low incomes have several options to receive affordable housing. One option is to find out if you are eligible for HUD senior housing and to start looking for programs and housing choices. There are several specific steps you can take to secure affordable housing apartments.

Determine Your Eligibility

To qualify for HUD subsidized housing, seniors have to be 62 or older. Even though the low income qualification will vary by state, low income usually refers to seniors who earn 50% or less of the median income in that local area. It might be necessary to contact a local housing professional for more details about qualifications, programs regarding HUD assistance, and the application process.

Study Various Senior Housing Programs

There are a range of HUD programs available for seniors. There are housing choice vouchers that give people the option to choose voucher housing as a way to pay part or all of your rent. There are also programs to find privately owned apartments and public housing for seniors with lower incomes.

Evaluate Your Needs

The housing assistance program does not provide coverage for nursing homes, so it may be necessary to contact a nearby Medicare office for help in finding funds for low-income nursing homes. Figure out the level of help you need and if you can meet this by living independently. Certain home care services can offer help to anyone who needs help preparing meals and meeting personal care needs. Additional services include housekeeping that can be hired to assist seniors who want to live independently in the area.

Figure Out Where to Live

Select a neighborhood that will ensure your safety which is located next to facilities. You will need to be able to go to the bank, get groceries, visit the doctor, and visit other places like the gym or library. Also check if the area is lit well at night or if there is a bus route.

Look at the Condition of the Building

Seniors have to take note of certain safety features so they do not suffer from unnecessary falls or health problems. Check to see if the sidewalks or roads are in good condition because this is a good indication of whether or not the area is partly abandoned. If the building is two stories, check if there are stairs and elevators. Disabled seniors should check if there are appropriate disability facilities. You should be able to grab bars and be able to get in and out of the bathtub.

Apply for Housing

Whether you want to participate in a housing voucher program or obtain a private apartment, the last step is to apply for affordable housing for seniors. After you have collected all of the information and made a selection, start the application process. Applicants will have to send in an application for an advance, a HUD Form 92015-CA, and any forms necessary according to the Notice of Funding Availability of the Federal Register. Send the completed application to a nearby HUD office in the county in which you live.

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