Gig Work for Unemployed - Uber, Lyft, Task Rabbit, Instacart, Postmates and Doordash

Getting part time work with Uber, Lyft, Task Rabbit, Instacart, Postmates or Doordash can be a great way to earn income while you are unemployed. Uber drivers can earn hundreds of dollars per week while only working a small portion of the week. Lyft offers similar compensation. They also offer generous sign up bonuses that make it very appealing to give them a try. You should visit their sites to see the special sign up bonuses they are offering. Our favorite part time / gig economy companies are below. If you act now you can take advantage of the sign up bonuses that Uber and Lyft are offering for Unemployed Americans:
Top Gig Economy Companies:
Task Rabbit
Uber had recently been offering bonuses of up to $500 for completing a few rides as a driver. Lyft and other companies also offer similar bonuses. You can easily make a few thousand dollars in your first week of work. All you have to do is visit their site and complete a basic application. Uber has very generous driver financing programs, so you can even get a car paid for by Uber if you are unemployed. This is one of the best deals around for unemployed Americans. Get a car and get paid to drive. We recommend visiting Uber and taking advantage of this deal before it is gone.

Depending on how much money you are making you might still be able to collect unemployment while you work for these companies. You need to consult your state unemployment office to be sure, and the rules are different for each state. If you do take one of these jobs you can also use it as a resume booster and you can list the job several different ways. Check out the different jobs below:

Potential Job Descriptions:
Uber Driver
Expert Shopper
Small Business Owner
Self Employed

We highly recommend trying out some of these gig economy jobs while you are unemployed. Also, please feel free to check out the rest of our site for interesting resources for unemployed Americans.
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