Frugality is Key

It may seem obvious to those who find themselves unemployed that saving money is now more than ever, of the utmost importance. However, you would likely be surprised to hear how many people lose their jobs and yet don’t adjust their spending habits accordingly. Even if you are receiving unemployment benefits, it is likely that this is not enough in and of itself to allow you to maintain your lifestyle. Even for those who aren’t unemployed, being frugal and saving money is always a smart decision. Now, don’t confuse being frugal with being cheap. Being frugal is about a willingness to compromise with yourself in a balanced way that allows you to hardly realize you are making any sacrifice whatsoever. By differentiating between what you want and what you need, you would be amazed with how much money you can save in a short period of time! While the amount that you save can quite literally be measured by the amount of dollars you have left over as a result, additionally there are staggering tangible benefits outside of the monetary aspect that being frugal offers, such as:

  • It makes you healthier: Frugality generally speaking leads to a healthier diet as you eat out less often and start cooking for yourself
  • You realize how lucky you are: By passing up on some of the things you “want” but don’t need shows you how much is “enough” to be happy and content. You will undoubtedly gain greater perspective on your life and life in general
  • The satisfaction: Soon you begin to realize how great it feels to get a good deal and save money. It is what many people call the “thrill of the deal”
  • Leading the way: Frugality is a fantastic message to pass on to your children as good money management at a young age is sure to give your kids financial security they deserve
  • It’s a timesaver: You don’t realize until you aren’t doing it any longer but the unbelievable amount of time you spend standing in line, running errands, shopping, paying bills etc. that is eliminated by a more frugal lifestyle
  • Mentally and emotionally healing: Frugality is a proven stress and anxiety reducer, which puts you in far greater control of your life and your future. Furthermore, frugal people are known to have a greater sense of contentment and gratitude than those who are under major financial stress
  • Sleep, finally: You would in all likelihood love to get a great full night of sleep. Well, people with frugal spending habits rarely find themselves lying awake at night stressed out over money problems and sleep well knowing that they can take care of themselves and their loved ones, no matter what life throws at them, because of the financial security that saving money offers

These are just some of the less obvious benefits that a frugal mentality can offer to people. Along with the financial betterment of your life that being frugal will offer you, there are the unexpected fantastic emotional and physiological gains that you will receive from the lifestyle change that will truly enrich your life and offer you a greater sense of gratification and serenity than you had ever imagined or thought possible.

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