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Washington D.C. Weekly Unemployment Application

In today's struggling U.S. economy, many citizens are out of work. However, the United States government does provide weekly unemployment insurance to workers who become unemployed through no fault of their own. In Washington D.C., unemployed workers may file an application online to collect their benefits.

Filing an Initial Claim

To file a new unemployment claim in Washington D.C., log on to the Department of Employment Services website at you will need the following information

  • Social security number
  • Name, address and phone number
  • All beginning and ending dates of any employment you had within the past 18 months
  • Name, phone number and address for all employers you worked for in the past 18 months

Completing your initial claim is easy and only takes about 30 minutes. The questions are straight-forward and they are generally related to your work history. If you have questions about the application or filing subsequent unemployment weekly claims, call (877) 319-7346.

How to File a Weekly Claim for Unemployment

After you have completed your new application for unemployment, you will receive a notice via mail. This notice will inform you of whether or not you qualify for unemployment. If you are eligible, you must continue to re-certify for unemployment for each week that you remain unemployed. It is easy to claim weekly unemployment in Washington D.C. The re-certification process is much faster and simpler than the initial application. To re-certify each week, simply go to the Department of Employment Services website and answer a few questions related to your weekly job search and current employment status.

Keep in mind that there is a limit to the number of weeks you are allowed to collect unemployment. However, because of the current economic climate, President Obama has allowed many unemployed workers to receive an extension of their benefits. For more information about your weekly unemployment claim, contact the Department of Employment Services at (877) 319-7346.

Additional Services

In addition to filing a new application and filing your unemployment weekly claim, the Department of Employment Services also assists unemployed workers in numerous other ways. Just a few of the programs and services provided are as follows, and you can get more information on these programs via the website:

  • Training and Education
  • Information for Veterans
  • Career Center/Resources
  • Workforce Research

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