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Washington D.C. Unemployment Agency Contact Information

With jobless rates in Washington D.C. at some of the highest levels in memory, many new faces have joined the ranks of the city’s unemployed workers. Most are looking not only for jobs, but also for critical financial assistance to help keep their families afloat.

The D.C. Department of Employment Services (DOES), the city’s agency for unemployment aid, is charged with overseeing unemployment insurance benefits as well as various job search initiatives for the unemployed. Information about the department’s services can be accessed easily by phone, over the internet, by email or through various social media.

  • If you are filing for unemployment insurance benefits, you can make a first-time claim online at the DOES website, www.dcnetworks.org. Click on the “Claim Unemployment Benefits” link at the top of the page to reach the claimant services site for the department of unemployment. Once you reach the website, click “File for Benefits” to create an account and to make your initial claim. Unemployment beneficiaries must continue to file weekly claims, which can be done online by signing into your new account. The login link for your account also is available on the claimant services page.
  • Jobless benefit claims also can be made over the telephone if you prefer, but agency officials caution that the phone lines may be overwhelmed with callers during peak office hours. The phone number for the unemployment agency is 202-724-7000 for local residents, or 877-319-7346 to call toll-free. Phone hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on D.C. holidays. You also can reach an automated help line after hours or on Saturdays. The office of unemployment phone number for the hearing impaired is 202-673-6994.
  • If you need to visit the local unemployment office or contact agency officials by mail, the address is: D.C. Department of Employment Services, 4058 Minnesota Avenue, NE

Washington, DC 20019. The unemployment agency email address is does@dc.gov.

  • The D.C. employment services office also tries to stay connected with its clients by using many types of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. Through these sites, you can find updates about issues of interest to job-seekers and employers.
  • The department allows customers to ask specific questions or to offer feedback to the agency’s chief by going to the online site, “Ask the Director,” at: http://app.dc.gov/apps/about.asp?page=atd&type=dsf&referrer=does.dc.gov&agency_id=1017&doesNav=|32167. You will be asked to provide personal contact information when you submit your question.

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